Anxiety Disorder: Why do so many students suffer from it?

Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.


All over the UK, there are students experiencing Anxiety Disorder – sometimes without even realising it.

There is an increasing amount of pressure on young people within areas of their education, relationships, welfare and home life, which can all add up to result in anxiety affecting their day to day lives.

Occupational TherapistJulie Todd, has experience in helping people of all ages get to a positive state of mind after suffering from mental, physical or social disabilities.

From dealing with many different patients during her career, Julie was able to share her specialist knowledge with me about students suffering with Anxiety Disorder.

Salford University student, Charly Kerrell, has suffered with Anxiety Disorder for the past few years. Here she talks about the type of anxiety which she suffers from and what she experiences living with the disorder.

Charly’s symptoms of numbness, dizziness and breathlessness are among the main effects of having Generalized Anxiety and Panic disorder.

Panic Disorder is described as being like “someone ringing a fire alarm when there is no fire”. This can cause panic attacks which seem to happen unexpectedly rather than always triggered by specific things.

Julie Todd explains more of the general symptoms of Anxiety Disorder below.

Through social media, a poll was conducted for current students at the University of Salford to see how many people had experienced symptoms of anxiety, here are the results.

Anxiety Symptoms results

Niamh Shackleton, also a student at the University of Salford, discusses the experience that triggered her anxiety and the best thing that helped her get through it.

It is almost worrying how many students suffer with Anxiety Disorder but thankfully, there are many ways that it can be prevented and treated.

There is a lot of support available across all universities in the UK, who are there to speak to if you are experiencing any of the symptoms of anxiety.

To help Charly get through her Panic Disorder, she attended Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which she said was relaxed, laid back and the therapist worked well with her to help get the best recovery possible.


Photo taken by Phoebe Jobling (09/12/2015)

Here is a method which they use in CBT Therapy which is a step to help patients overcome their feelings of anxiety, panic and fear.

This allows therapists to assess their patients in order to recognize what areas they need help with the most and also track their progress every couple of weeks.

“A lot of the time, people don’t realise that others are feeling the same.Talking to someone else who experiences the same things as you can simply help you to feel better”– Julie Todd’s main advice for students going through Anxiety Disorder.

This touching story about the help a stranger gave to a university student from Manchester demonstrates that anxiety suffers are not alone and there are always people out there who will lend a hand.

It’s also a fact that anyone can suffer from anxiety, even celebrities.

These tweets from verified celebs on twitter which include internet personality Cameron Dallas, fashion and beauty blogger Tanya Burr and also actress and singer Selena Gomez all show that even those that we may look up to can experience the same symptoms of Anxiety Disorder as students do.

By Phoebe Jobling


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