Alanya Ashe: The work of a Visual Artist

An artistic mind is one of those which you’re either gifted with or you lack.

If you hand some people a paintbrush and paint, all they’d be able to do is splash random splodges all over the page.

But give Alanya Ashe a paintbrush and she creates masterpieces, making images come to life.


Photo taken by Phoebe Jobling (26/11/2015)

At just 12 years old, Alanya Ashe from Bedford began to develop a passion for visual arts, which she now studies at the University of Salford.

This is the kind of art which includes the likes of drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, architecture – and many more other forms of art that attract the eye.

“Art is a way of expressing yourself when you don’t have the means or words to say it out loud” – Alanya Ashe

Alanya describes her art as “realistic” as she prefers to create pieces from living things so that she can aim to bring them to life herself when she paints, which is the main form of visual arts that she practices.

Her ideas for artwork have been sourced and created from many different locations around the UK. Alanya takes photographs of the scenery and her company whilst hiking.

Alanya has created portraits of her mother which she told me she is very proud of. These portraits are extremely personal to her and they help her to feel close to her mother at university when they are apart.


Photo taken by Phoebe Jobling (07/12/2015)

Here are Alanya’s first ever portraits which were her interpreted copies of paintings from an Italian artist, Titan.

The particular painting that Titian created of the young boy has been noted as the greatest child portrait in art on the Blouin Artinfo art & culture magazine.

The sculpture below is a piece of visual art which contrasts to her earlier pieces we have seen in the form of paintings.

Alanya said:“this is why I wanted to take the subject of visual arts at University because its such a broad subject that offers a wide range of art which you can switch between and try out different things”.

😌 #fineart #ceramic #itgotsmashed #nearlycried

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“Within today’s art I prefer photographers work to painters but nothing really compares to seeing old, religious and classic paintings in real life” – Alanya Ashe

A portrait is a painting, drawing or photograph which displays an artists’s interpretation of a person.

This can be used to capture a specific mood, emotion, expression, specific features or present a mirrored image of an individual.

Alanya’s inspiration for her portraits comes from the spectacular German artist, Mike Dargas, who uses oil paints to create hyper realistic portraits, focusing on “surrealism and realism”.

German photographer, Loretta Lux, is also someone who’s visual art Alanya admires as Loretta is known for her surreal portraits of young children.

Alanya especially enjoys creating portraits from photographs she has taken and also existing photographs. Here’s how she does it…

This is the latest version of Alanya’s portrait which is almost finished.

Photo taken by Phoebe Jobling (07/12/2015)

The fine detail from every eyelash to single strands of hair, the wide array of colours and the realism that the portrait shows in connection to the image of myself – makes this an effective and outstanding piece of visual art.

There’s no denying the talent that Alanya Ashe has.

By Phoebe Jobling


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