Biebs is back and he’s better than ever

After a dramatic couple of years in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, Bieber has returned back from his well needed break with a new attitude and a profound new album.


Justin Bieber caused his fans to hyperventilate when he began a 6 week countdown on Twitter with a huge announcement leading to the release of his fourth studio album, Purpose, on November 13th.

“It’s as different as night and day” – Justin Bieber describes his transformation from the past year.

Purpose is said to be the pop stars best album yet and it’s been a long time coming since the release of his previous album Believe back in 2012.

Last year, Bieber was constantly in the headlines for reports of his wild antics, breakup with first love Selena and he suffered a seriously harsh roasting on Comedy Central Roast.

As well as these significant publicized events, Bieber has also gone through a big change in his life as he’s made himself stronger, better and he is now a respectable 21-year-old male who many now admire once again.

On 28th August, Bieber released his brand new single What Do You Mean? which quickly became a radio favourite and was iTunes no.1 song in 90 different countries.

Biebs and his manager, Scooter Braun, took over social media in the lead up to the much anticipated release with help from a fair few celebs such as Meghan Trainer, Ariana Grande,

Big Sean and Ruby Rose helped to promote the single and it definitely worked. 2 days later Justin released the steamy music video for his new hit which featured stunning model Xenia Deli and highlighted his new found maturity at level 100.

The video currently has over 214 million views and has been noted as the lead single in the upcoming album.

“I’m happy to see Justin doing what he does best: music” – Scooter Braun supports the boy who he first believed in when he discovered Biebs back in 2008.

Justin’s single Sorry is the latest addition to the new album and was revealed on October 23rd accompanied by a spectacular dance video which even got some of Bieber’s previous haters up and dancing out of their seats.

The video hit 10 million views in just 24-hours, we would expect nothing less from the new and improved Bieber!

With only 14 days to go to the release of Purpose, Bieber has granted a special wish for his fans who will receive an exclusive collab with pop sensation Ariana Grande as well as the deluxe edition if they pre-order his album.

Purpose also includes duets with plenty of huge stars including the likes of Ed Sheeran, Skrillex and Drake  – Why not go ahead and pre order?

Check out Bieber’s top achievements to date in 2015:

  • Early this year, Justin announced he was the new face of Calvin Klein and boy, did we enjoy that photoshoot!
  • He performed an amazing comeback set at the VMA’s in his first major award show performance in 2 years and ended the show with overwhelmed tears…elite-daily-justin-bieber-800x400
  • What Do You Mean? broke No.1 record on Billboard and Twitter as well as landing Biebs with his first ever UK no.1.
  • Most recently he won 6, yes 6, awards at this years EMA’s including; Best Canadian Act, Biggest Fans, Worldwide Act: North America, Best Male, Best Look and Best Collaboration ‘Where Are Ü Now’.

By Phoebe Jobling


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